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SEEDS and the pandemic

How is SEEDS for PIU being impacted by the global pandemic? Fortunately, we have not experienced any negative consequences. Of course, Pacific Island University, our primary beneficiary, is no longer open for classroom instruction and all classes have shifted online. However, SEEDS as an auxiliary organization is operationally unaffected.

Since all of my (Brad Boydston) current PIU teaching is primarily online already we are moving forward as normal. I do expect that the disruption in the lives of students and their families will result in a few more INCOMPLETES than normal. But that will not be consequential. I expect that all of my students in the three sections I'm teaching this spring semester (World Religions, Christian Doctrine, Directed Study in Practical Theology) will be able to catch up. One student has already finished World Religions early, earning an A+.

I am planning to teach two sections this summer and have already had student inquiries. So, in spite of how unsett…

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