The vision for SEEDS

We are incorporated in the State of Florida as a non-profit corporation for the purposes of channeling financial support for missionary workers, developing scholarships for students, and assisting the transformative work of Pacific Islands University in any other way possible. 

We see ourselves as a missionary branch of the Church of Jesus Christ,

S = serving,
E = educating,
E = encouraging, and
D = developing
S = students

for Pacific Islands University.

PIU is a distinctively Christian and broadly evangelical school that serves the largely invisible population of Islanders in the Western Pacific region. It was started by the Liebenzell Mission in 1976 to develop Christian leaders. The school offers both biblical training and liberal arts education.

PIU is largely staffed by missionaries from several churches and organizations in the US and Europe.

The SEEDS for PIU executive minister, Brad Boydston, and his wife Cheryl started serving as Evangelical Covenant Church missionaries at PIU in 2006. Since returning to the mainland US three years later, Brad has continued to teach PIU classes online and travels regularly to Guam to teach and maintain contact with students. He is available to teach over 10 courses in the curriculum -- including spiritual formation, world religions, introduction to world missions, cross-cultural communication, evangelism, and Christian doctrine.

Brad formed SEEDS for PIU in 2019 to help with his travel and teaching expenses. He envisions serving PIU students in other ways, too, and we've already been making financial contributions to several projects which benefit students.

There are four directors responsible for the SEEDS for PIU non-profit corporation. 

  • May Mei, originally from China, is a PIU graduate who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She is our book-keeper and treasurer.
  • Tom Gibbs is a businessman and former golf-pro who has been supportive of the ministry for several years. He lives outside Eugene, Oregon.
  • Kent Boydston is the second son of Brad and Cheryl. Before he started working for the US State Department as a foreign service officer, he served as a volunteer English teacher on the PIU Guam campus.
  • Brad Boydston is the executive minister of SEEDS for PIU. He is a retired pastor and missionary, living at Covenant Living of Florida, where he formerly served as a chaplain.
All are unpaid volunteers and enthusiastic partners in the work that God is doing through Pacific Islands University. SEEDS for PIU is also committed to financial and operational transparency, as well as keeping overhead low. We want to maximize the gifts entrusted to us to serve others. SEEDS for PIU is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.