SEEDS and the pandemic

How is SEEDS for PIU being impacted by the global pandemic? Fortunately, we have not experienced any negative consequences. Of course, Pacific Island University, our primary beneficiary, is no longer open for classroom instruction and all classes have shifted online. However, SEEDS as an auxiliary organization is operationally unaffected.

Since all of my (Brad Boydston) current PIU teaching is primarily online already we are moving forward as normal. I do expect that the disruption in the lives of students and their families will result in a few more INCOMPLETES than normal. But that will not be consequential. I expect that all of my students in the three sections I'm teaching this spring semester (World Religions, Christian Doctrine, Directed Study in Practical Theology) will be able to catch up. One student has already finished World Religions early, earning an A+.

I am planning to teach two sections this summer and have already had student inquiries. So, in spite of how unsettled things feel, there are students eager to move forward.

SEEDS has also experienced no significant financial impact. We are a very small non-profit (in the less-than-$50,000-annual-income category). We have no paid staff. And our income comes primarily through two sources -- individuals who make occasional gifts and revenue through the Amazon Smiles program. Expenses include reimbursements for my annual travel to and from Guam (I'm not sure if my normal August trip will be allowed in 2020) and teaching supplies/equipment when needed. I'm hoping that we will also soon be in a position to begin contributing to the PIU scholarship fund and assisting with some on campus student activities. My goal is that the Amazon income will be channeled that way. (If you live in the US sign up to participate in the Amazon Smiles program, designating SEEDS for PIU, inc as your charity of choice.) Please keep PIU students, faculty, and staff in your prayers. People are working hard to move forward while keeping everyone safe.